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 18.02.2016 Kunstraum moë/Vienna


'Hält uns die Soziale Plastik,

 oder hält Sie uns nicht?'



 Borrowing Time: Of Death Dying and Change:

 1-3 November 2021
Dartington Hall Estate, UK

More INFO: here


Minou Tsambika



I am a movement artist, choreographer and visual artist born in Austria. I hold a BA (Hons) degree in Choreography and Visual Art Practices from Dartington College of Arts, a Masters degree in Social Sculpture from Oxford Brookes University and a certificate for Curatorial Practice from the Node Center in Berlin. I work as freelance dance artist, dance producer, project manager and educator in the South West of England.

As interdisciplinary artist my work sits amongst the fields of dance and movement practice, movement philosophy, socially engaged arts practice, arts activism and visual art. My forms live in varied artistic mediums, they range from visual art pieces, to performance, photography and academic writing, always with the moving body as main locus of enquiry.  They all are intended as scores for movement, for inner and outer process, starting points into transformational and embodied practice.


My works merge poetic interpretation with political stance, bringing forward the notion of re-considering, re-shaping and re-defining what movement practice is and how it can introduce the notion of developing a more response-able humanship, one that participates in the collective shaping of the social and ecological realm.


In the light of the many paradigm shifts in both eco and socio-political spheres, my focus is to create connective artworks that speak of our physical relation with our environment and with the Zeitgeist that we live in today. They want to evoke more visceral understandings of what is going on highlighting and questioning how our daily experience of coming into movement, of being physically present and active, can become a conscious practice, a philosophy and a metaphor for active social and political change.


My works happen within a wide range of contexts: in performance spaces, in museums, galleries, community centers, in the urban and in wild landscapes. You can learn more about my projects and research under the allocated links.

Since 2017 I am a co-director of an organization dedicated to the dialogue between art and the natural world whom I also supports as project manager during their annual symposium. Since 2019 I am a member of the Somatic Communication Research Group steered by Nita Little, currently based at Bath Spa University.


My current series of works are summarized under the title
'Scores for a Widening Field' >>


This website is to show my own personal work and research but it is also intended to be a resource for others. It is furthermore a developing platform for dance & movement research that wants to explore this practice in the light of shifting socio-political landscapes, ecological citizenship and climate change transformation.

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