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Personal Literacies

This work draws on the rising shift in scientific, cultural and artistic research towards a more embodied cognition described as the ‘corporal turn’. This work is an ongoing research into first person perception and expression of things that have already been defined and fixed in their meaning.

The work wants to tap into a more bodily perception and expression of well known concepts, encouraging the personal creation of embodied meaning and with it the outer agency that derives from such incorporation.

This work draws upon the necessity to rethink some of the ready-made concepts that are governing our personal and communal lives.  It wants to call into attention that the creation of meaning is a profoundly personal process and cannot only be dictated from outer bodies that are potentially not as attuned to local requirements and social needs. This work wants to symbolically map and inspire the mobilization and personalization of static concepts in order to evoke more resilient human beings and communities.


My photography has grown out of my visual art and movement practice. As choreographer I think and imagine very much in still and moving images.

Through my movement research I have developed nature sensory forums as well as urban sensory forums, A wide set of scores that offer a way into creative dialogues with different contexts.

Through the documentation of my own explorations, photography has become not only my means of documentation but a secondary form, a complementary artspractice that allows entrance into different presentation contexts.


With this work I am investigating creative physical inhabitation of our environment, using multi sensory tools, lenses and scores to help tune into what surrounds us. Such practice can develop new organs of perceiving ourselves within complex and diverse dynamics and can train us to become movers flexible enough to adjust and navigate through this constant evolving world.

As the physical exploration of landcape is a connective experience in intself,  I believe that such poetic imagery of body within natural and urban contexts, is able to evoke thoughts of belonging, of humanship and of placement in the perceiver. In the light of Climate Change I believe that this could be one artistic tool to raise awareness of our interdependence with the environment and the planet.

Whereas my explorations have taken place in various locations including mountains, forests, hills, trees, slopes and high grasses in England, Austria, Denmark and Turkey.


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