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 Scores for a Widening Field



Is an overarching theme umbrella for explorations in different artistic mediums. These include choreographic and performative works, movement research and visual art works such as printmaking, photography, installation and academic writing.


‘Scores for a Widening Field’  is a culmination of works, experimentations and starting points that all explore the phenomena of a movement practice in the light of shifting paradigms in socio-political and ecological spheres.

All forms in this series are intended to be connective processes that can create shifts in perception and consciousness of how we feel connected to self, to our outer greater self, as well as to our own actions and practices in the world.

Understanding the immediate and undeniable physical presence of ourselves in this world, the work questions how we take part in the collective shaping of new realities. Through various mediums it invites participation into the unraveling of their intrinsic and reciprocal physical connection with the world and the awaraness of their physical significance in it.


The work wants to highlight and question how our daily experience of coming into movement can become a practice, a philosophy and a metaphor for active social and political change.

A special Thanks to:

Robert Rappaport, Kate Abolins, Darren Jan Sutton & Merlin Porter for their collaboration & support! 

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